A filmmaker is someone who knows about all the different aspects of filmmaking. From the very first letter of the concept to the very last letter on the creditroll, a filmmaker knows how it’s done. A filmmaker can produce, direct, shoot and edit a movie. Having the knowledge on all these different aspects simplifies the cooperation when working together with different people in the industry. Furthermore, he/she is able to produce its own project due to this broad knowledge.

I am highly motivated by making images and using them to tell important stories. I am especially motivated by stories that can make a difference. I want to make films about people or projects who are aiming to improve our lives and all other lives around us. Last but not least, you can notice that I have my own signature in film. By combining documentary storytelling with journalism, I tend to dive deep into different subjects and illustrating their multiple sides.

If you have a story that fits this description, I would be glad to tell it using my camera!