Wijnand Slurink

An engaged documentary filmmaker looking for the personal story within the bigger picture.

Personal stories

Everyone has a story worth telling. Whether it is volunteering at a community centre or ideas revolving around restoring bio-diversity. Small stories that do something for the bigger picture intrigue me. 

Some are characterized by a special history, others precisely by their vision for the future. Portraying these personal stories and placing them in a bigger picture is the most fun there is. This is what I do with film.

Persoonlijke verhalen stills

What can I do for you?

Production / Direction / Camera / Montage
As an all-round filmmaker, I am involved in the entire process. In consultation, I write a script and planning of the production. On set, I stand alone as camera journalist, director or operate a camera in a bigger crew. Afterwards, I then crawl behind my edit set to edit the film. I am involved from the first letter on paper to the last line of the credits.

My work

Dichtbij op afstand / 2020

Normally, community centre "de Boog" in Utrecht Overvecht creates community cohesion in the neighbourhood. As a result, social broker Geesje and her colleagues keep a close eye on what's going on in the neighbourhood. But the Corona crisis brought daily life in the Netherlands to a standstill. This also forced the community centre to close down. Quite a challenge for many people. How do you make sure a neighbourhood still stays connected?
Themes: Society, healthcare, social work
Collaboration with:
Neighbourhood meals
Dock Utrecht
Municipality of Utrecht
Wijnand Slurink - Production, direction, camera & editing
Niels Ursem - Camera
Erik Wiedenhof - Collorgrading
Max Oostveen - Sounddesing

Dichtbij op afstand

Italian cities / 2023

In early 2023, I traveled through Italy visiting several cities. In each city I talked to locals about there city. It resulted in some great city portraits.

Themes: Travel, Tourism, Europe, Future

Wijnand Slurink - Production, camera & editing

Italy 2023

Veluwe op 1 / 2020

Hiking through nature is very popular, especially during the corona crisis. But what we never think about is that that the paths in the forest do need to be maintained. This video was shown at a symposium on 5 November 2020 on Financing Recreational Infrastructure Veluwe. It discussed how to address this imbalance: how do we pay for the quality we want together? The video was shot at the Postbank near Arnhem.
Themes: Nature, landscape enrichment, recreation
Commissioned by:
Veluwe op 1
Wijnand Slurink - Production, camera & editing Amy Janna - Interview

Veluwe op 1

In Search Of Better Days / 2017

'In Search of Better Days' tells the story of a generation of young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Twenty-three years after the bloody war, the future still does not look good. The country is plagued by corruption and nationalism that makes it seem stagnant. Young people struggle with unemployment and minimal prospects for the future. Should they stay and help rebuild their country, or leave and look for opportunities abroad? 'In Search of Better Days' was my graduation project from the Utrecht School of Arts. The film played several festivals including DocFeed Eindhoven and the Sarajevo Film Festival.
Themes: Europe, future, young people
Wijnand Slurink - Production, direction & editing
Niels Ursem - Camera
Goos van den Berg - Collorgrading
Max Oostveen - Sounddesing / Mixing
Rogier Harkema - Music
Jan Keltaars - Consultancy

In Search Of Better Days

Utrecht BIJ1 / 2022

Video for the 2021 municipal elections.
Themes: Society

Utrecht BIJ1

Een ongewone Zaterdag / 2020

An unusual Saturday

A walk through the centre of Utrecht on the first Saturday of the lockdown in March 2020. We asked residents of the city (1.5 metres away) how they experience the measures around the Corona virus. Themes: Society, corona, lockdown
Direction & Editing: Wijnand Slurink
Camera: Niels Ursem
Sound: Joris Prakken

An unusual Saturday

Road Trip Project / 2019

In late summer 2019, I boarded a van together with Selina, Olga and Panos to drive from Hamburg to Sofia. Along the way, we visited numerous projects funded by the European Union. Our task was to report on these projects. Selina was photographer, Olga copywriter, Panos instagram king and I was responsible for the videos.
Themes: Europe, EU, Travel
Commissioned by:
European Commission

Road Trip Project

European Commission

Unie van Waterschappen / 2020
Floral dike management:

Triptych for the biodiversity symposium on 13 November 2019. Each of the videos looks at what water boards can do to boost biodiversity.
Themes: Biodiversity, land use, water
Commissioned by:
Union of Water Boards

Natural soil management:

Ecological stump clean:

Union of Water Boards

De Groene Oase van Utrecht West

The green oasis of Utrecht West

For many Utrechters it will be unknown territory: city garden Kanaalweg. This green oasis is indispensable for the city. Especially now that climate problems are piling up and the city is getting warmer and wetter.
Themes: Nature, food, climate proofing

The green oasis of Utrecht West


People I’ve worked with

Johan Kaspers Veluwe op 1
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"The cooperation with Wijnand not only had a good result but was also very pleasant. We are very happy with the beautiful video he made for us."
Anke van Houten Unie van Waterschappen
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"Wijnand understands almost immediately what the intention is, contributing exactly the right suggestions. The result is that complex technical material is conveyed clearly and appealingly. His way of filming is fresh and neat at the same time. Working with Wijnand is also an absolute pleasure on a personal level. Highly recommended!"
Matteo SalvaiEuropese Commissie (Road Trip Project)
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"He showed a remarkable adaption capacity in a very demeaning setting of the project. His solid communication and interpersonal skills, his remarkable commitment to the project, and his outstanding sense for video storytelling proved essential for the succes of the road trip."
Geesje KramerDOCK (Dichtbij Op Afstand)
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"Wijnand's strength as a filmmaker lies in bringing out the best in people through your present attitude and the way you connect with them. He does this by empathising well and asking the right questions that get to the heart of the matter. Wijnand allowed me to experience that the real story came to the surface and he gave me complete confidence that I was in good hands with you. This allowed me to be myself and tell my story."
Anne de ZeeuwNationale DenkTank
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"Working with Wijnand was very relaxed and easy. He understood with few words what I wanted to achieve with the video. He is excellent at improvising, has a keen eye for detail and the people in front of the camera, clear language and delivers targeted work. Wijnand is the first person I would call if I needed a film again."
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